Other Collections: Mountain Chalet (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Mountain Chalet has been at the center of the Colorado Springs climbing community since 1968. I had the pleasure of working there from about 1995 until I left to pursue guiding opportunities in other parts of the world. I was inspired by the amazing people who came in to buy gear, plan trips, or just hang out. People like: Bryan Becker,  Peter Gallagher, Stewart Green, Harvey Carter, Jimmy Dunn, Steve Cheney, and so many more. Standing behind the counter was sometime a very intimidating proposition. Most days I just tried to keep up and learn everything I could.

The vintage equipment hanging from the walls and rafters always intrigued me. I guess this might have been the beginning of my appreciation for the evolution of the tools we use to protect ourselves. Comparing the old nuts and springs and pegs on the wall with the shiny new gadgets on sale made one happy to live in an era when the details had pretty much been ironed out. The pioneers of gear design helped us get to the modern protection we enjoy today.

Mountain Chalet owner Jim Smith is committed to preserving the history of local climbers and carrying on the long traditions of this community touchstone. The Chalet is in very good hands. Vertical Archaeology would like to thank Jim and his amazing staff for allowing me to return to this special place and photograph their collection.

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