MacInnes-Peck Terrordactyl

From the 1971 Alpine Club Journal:

“MacInnes-Peck ice tools New ice-axes and Terrordactyls A new all-metal ice-axe has been developed by Hamish MacInnes which uses the same well tried Hiduminium shaft of the earlier models which have proved almost indestructible.
The new head design of the axe uses pressing techniques, which allow a light metal steel (as used on spacecraft) to be used. The pick is dropped at an angle of 78° which has been found to be the optimum angle for cutting and holding and the adze is made from the same material giving a uniform thickness throughout. Both the pick and the adze have very high cutting power.

The weight of the new axe is lighter than most light wooden models at present on the market. A special tapered ferrule also has a hole in it for belaying etc.
The Terrordactyl Together with the new ice-axes these have been exhaustively tested during last winter and during the summer in various parts of the world. The general impression of the hammer and adze Terrordactyl is that it is the greatest aid to ice climbing since the crampon.
With the deep section blade of only 16 in approx. thick they can be driven into the ice or snow in a down-pulling motion and in firm snow, white ice, frozen turf etc. their holding power is amazing. Etriers can be used through the ferrule hole for artificial techniques on ice.

The advantage of the Terrordactyl is not necessarily on the extreme routes, but for moving fast and safely on any steep climb. These new tools should allow a new standard of ice climbing to emerge. The Terrordactyl got its name from the late Ian Clough as the head of the prototype (used on the new Scots route on the Eiger, 1970) looked like that prehistoric monster.”

Our Terrordactyls were purchased off the internet. The hammer is shown with a homemade wrist leash configured to pull directly from the base of the pick. The addition of the blue wrap on the handle both insulates the climbers hand from the metal shaft and keeps the wrist leash close to the shaft.

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