The Vertical Archaeology Archives

A little sneak peak into the home archives of Vertical Archaeology. This is our “on hand” archive and doesn’t include the items currently on loan or on display with other collections. We also have larger items such as haul bags, portaledges, clothing, and miscellaneous un-cataloged  equipment in long term storage. One day we hope to find a way to consolidate our display and make the whole thing public.

For now we have our on-line presence as our main public portal.

A typical day of work on our site goes like this:

1) Walk into the display area.

2) Select the next project or shiny thing that catches our attention.

3) Photograph the items in the studio or outdoors if possible.

4) Match the photographs with any available research.

5) Populate the website template and edit and edit and edit…

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  1. Mike Schoen says:

    Great collection and site .

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