Chouinard Tube Chocks – signed

Werner and Merry Braun sold these Chouinard tube chocks on eBay in 2013. Upon winning the auction the buyer asked Werner to sign the pieces and he obliged. When they finally arrived the new owner was surprised to find Ron Kauk’s name and initials stamped on each piece as well! Besides Werner Braun and Ron Kauk there was also a “RP” stamp on one tube. We invite any comments as to who “RP” might be.

With all the notable ascent these two climbers were, and continue to be, involved in its likely these 1970s vintage tube chocks saw a lot of action on the walls of Yosemite.




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  1. Timothy Beaman says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed seeing these tube chocks. I tossed out my own homemade tube chocks years ago as they never seemed to work well and inspire much confidence. The tube chock stamped “RP” may have belonged originally to German-born/Australian immigrant Roland Pauligk. I climbed extensively with Roland in Australia from 1975-1978. Roland made most of his own climbing hardware, including the legendary brass RP micronuts. He always stamped his gear with his initials to discourage pilfering and advertise his products. He also made overseas trips to climbing meccas such as Yosemite during the period in climbing history when ambitious and poor climbers were foolishly fashioning tube chocks out of aluminum pipe and other material. So simple to make, so difficult to use!
    Tim Beaman

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