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Homemade Knifeblade Hook

Improvised from a Chouinard Knifeblade piton, this hook works surprisingly well. It holds its shape when loaded and the edge doesn’t deform or curl. I think the hook would work best if it was...


LONGware 3 Inch Bong

LONGware made both steel and aluminum bong pitons. The steel versions were often modified by drilling several holes in the sides of the piton, this would save weight and provide holes for tie-off slings. Our...


C.M.I. Crack Tacks

These two Crack Tacks from CMI (Colorado Mountain Industries) are unopened original stock. The industry term for old but new retail merchandise is New Old Stock often shortened to NOS. It is interesting to...


LONGware Channel Piton

We have two of these LONGware channel style pitons in our collection. This example appears to be in great condition with no rust and only light hammer marks present.  


1987 Chouinard Hammer

Chouinard produced this design in 1987. It featured a heavy hammer head with no notch on the underside of the striking surface and a three bolt system for attaching a long curved alpine pick...


Leeper Anti-piton

Ed Leeper designed the “Anti-Piton” by reimagining his very effective Z piton and reversing the taper. They came in two sizes. The idea was to stack the Anti-Piton roughly perpendicular to another piton or chock....


Chouinard 4 Inch Bong Pitons

The largest of Chouinard Equipments pitons, these aluminum 4 inch Bongs were used when the climbing became wide and gnarly. One of ours came to us from an old El Paso County (Colorado) equipment...


Clog Bong-Bong Pitons

These Clog Bong pitons are just barely under 3 inches in size. They are early 1970s or perhaps late 1960s examples of Clog piton design.