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LONGware 3 Inch Bong

LONGware made both steel and aluminum bong pitons. The steel versions were often modified by drilling several holes in the sides of the piton, this would save weight and provide holes for tie-off slings. Our...


LONGware Channel Piton

We have two of these LONGware channel style pitons in our collection. This example appears to be in great condition with no rust and only light hammer marks present.  


LONGware Bolt Hangers

LONGware Bolt Hangers! Vertical Archaeology has received many inquiries regarding LONGware hanger production and dating. Shown here are three unique designs manufactured by Dick Long in the 1950s and 60s. It’s difficult to date a lot of these...


Harvey T. Carter Equipment

Featured in this gallery is the equipment I have collected from my time climbing and exploring with desert legend Harvey T. Carter. I climbed with him hundreds of times in the 1990s and our...


Longware Bong Pitons

I acquired these massive LONGware bongs from Harvey T. Carter in the early 1990s right before my first trip to his beloved Fisher Towers. I was young and relatively inexperienced but had high hopes...