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1980 Au Vieux Campeur Catalog – Climbing Selection

Au Vieux Campeur is a French sporting equipment supplier which has offered high quality equipment for over seventy-six years. This catalog offers a great snapshot of mainly european equipment available in 1980 and includes some interesting...


Dolt Lopchock #88

A Dolt Lopchock #88 magnesium chock from the shop of the late great Bill “Dolt” Feuerer. Only one size magnesium Lopchock was made and it was marked with “88” to set it a apart...


Chouinard Drilled Hexcentrics

Chouinard factory drilled hexes from 1978. Sizes #7 through #11 were drilled out to save weight when the hexes were still “thick walled”. The next design changed to a “thinner walled” stock and made...


Eiger Equipment

A collection of miscellaneous Eiger equipment from the Vertical Archaeology archives. The pitons are standard European soft iron types with the “Eiger” logo stamped on one side of the anvil.


Simond Asymetric Chocks

Simond Asymetric chocks were available in slung and cabled versions. The first mention I can find of this interesting design is in catalogs from winter 1979. They are favorably reviewed in “High Technology” by Steven...