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B.A.T. Tent

This B.A.T. (Basically Absurd Technology) Tent was designed by Warren Harding for use on some of his pioneering big wall climbs. This model was sold in 1971 and is an interesting step in the design evolution of...


B.A.T. Hammock

Designed by Warren Harding and Roger Derryberry, the B.A.T.hammock and B.A.T.tent were two of the first commercially available bigwall bivy systems. The hammock hangs from a single point and has no built in adjustability....


Forrest Wall Womb Single Point Hammock

The following is from the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering catalog. The exact wording is offered for historic documentation only: Forrest Wall Womb Wall Womb Single Anchor Hammock The Forrest Wall Womb has become a standard...