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Dolt Bolt Hangers

Dolt Bolt hangers. Vertical Archaeology recently acquired this treasure trove of Dolt hangers. Included in the collection are “strap style” hangers  in 3/8ths inch and 1/4 inch and “standard style” hangers in both sizes as well.


Dolt Lopchock #88

A Dolt Lopchock #88 magnesium chock from the shop of the late great Bill “Dolt” Feuerer. Only one size magnesium Lopchock was made and it was marked with “88” to set it a apart...


1971 Chouinard Piton Hammer

Vertical Archaeology has been fortunate in acquiring this fine example of an early Chouinard hammer and Dolt holster. The items were purchased through eBay and usually that can be a pretty anonymous way to buy gear. But...