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Bedayn Carabiners

Raffi Bedayn (1915-1982) designed these carabiners at the end of World War Two. They were manufactured from the early 1950s through the mid 1960s. The carabiners have two distinct production runs. The first era of...


Chouinard “ALCOA” Carabiners

Made from the late 1950 until 1968s, this version of the Chouinard “ALCOA” carabiner had “820   ALCOA   7075” on one side of the spine and “Chouinard” on the other. The first versions did...


Home Made Hardware

The art of making your own equipment is largely forgotten today. There was once a time when quality climbing gear either wasn’t readily available or didn’t come in the sizes or shapes climbers needed...


Eiger Equipment

A collection of miscellaneous Eiger equipment from the Vertical Archaeology archives. The pitons are standard European soft iron types with the “Eiger” logo stamped on one side of the anvil.