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Omega-Pacific Link Cam #2 Prototype

Produced in 2004, this #2 Link Cam is a prototype of the currently available units. Sizes 1 and 2 were released in 2005 and size .5 and .75 were released in 2008. Omega Pacific has developed...


VauDe “Friend Remover”

VauDe introduced this cam extraction tool in 1986. The design is very similar to the “Climber Pal Extractor” by Sunshine Climbing Equipment and a bit like the more well know Leeper “Friend of a Friend” extractor...


Jardine Enterprises 1st Generation Friends

#1 and #3 early versions of the iconic ridged stem Friends. Ray Jardine worked to refine this design and changed they way we all protect ourselves on the rock. Initially, three sizes were offered....


Edelrid Bivo

Edelrid produced the first Bivo cams in 1984. This is a later production model which has the improved trigger design.  Stéphane Pennequins Nuts Museum has more on these unique cams.


Bergsport Joker

The Joker was first produced around 1985. These cams had two moving cam lobes and a third fixed cam surface in opposition. The stem was a flexible spring design which would allow the stem to bend in...


9 Inch Wooden Lobe Cam

I built this wooden cam with parts from my garage. Everything on it came from the local hardware store and has been repurposed into an actual functioning unit. The stem and axel are steel...