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Vasque Kletter Shoe

Vasque Boots started business using the name Voyageur from 1965 to 1971 and Vasque from 1972 on. They have remained a leading name in outdoor footwear known for quality and craftsmanship. These Kronhofer Kletterschuhe copies were very...


Forrest Mountaineering Lifetime Modular Ice Tool

From the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering catalog: Lifetime Axe and Hammer The Forrest Lifetime Axe and Lifetime Hammer are the finest ice tools in the world. they are a perfect blend of advanced design, delicate...


Chouinard 4 Inch Bong Pitons

The largest of Chouinard Equipments pitons, these aluminum 4 inch Bongs were used when the climbing became wide and gnarly. One of ours came to us from an old El Paso County (Colorado) equipment...


Dolt Bolt Hangers

Dolt Bolt hangers. Vertical Archaeology recently acquired this treasure trove of Dolt hangers. Included in the collection are “strap style” hangers  in 3/8ths inch and 1/4 inch and “standard style” hangers in both sizes as well.


Bedayn Carabiners

Raffi Bedayn (1915-1982) designed these carabiners at the end of World War Two. They were manufactured from the early 1950s through the mid 1960s. The carabiners have two distinct production runs. The first era of...


Chouinard “ALCOA” Carabiners

Made from the late 1950 until 1968s, this version of the Chouinard “ALCOA” carabiner had “820   ALCOA   7075” on one side of the spine and “Chouinard” on the other. The first versions did...