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1962 Keds Shoe Advertisement

  I can’t guarantee you that Keds make good climbing shoes but I can tell you that Converse All Stars are pretty bad. I once did “spaceshot” in Zion National Park in a pair…...


Forrest Belay Plate

The 1983 Forrest Mountaineering catalog boasted that “you’ll never wear it out”!  This simple, strong, and light weight belay plate was sold for $10.45 and worked with ropes up to 11mm in size.


Chouinard Crack N’ Up

Chouinard Crack N Ups were early seam hooks designed to be hand placed into micro cracks. They came in sizes #1 through #6 but the number one size was extremely thin and produced in...


Thomas Black & Sons Catalog 1959

Only the climbing related sections of the 1959 Thomas Black & Sons equipment catalog showing the selection of equipment available to British climbers at the time. The whole catalog is eighty-four pages long covering camping, skiing,...


Forrest Mountaineering Catalog 1983

A personal Forrest story: In 1993 I worked for a small outdoor gear shop in Colorado Springs that also had an outlet in Denver. One day while rummaging around in the warehouse I discovered a treasure....