Category: Piton


Eiger Equipment

A collection of miscellaneous Eiger equipment from the Vertical Archaeology archives. The pitons are standard European soft iron types with the “Eiger” logo stamped on one side of the anvil.


Harvey T. Carter Equipment

Featured in this gallery is the equipment I have collected from my time climbing and exploring with desert legend Harvey T. Carter. I climbed with him hundreds of times in the 1990s and our...


Leeper Channel Piton Prototype

A true one of a kind item. This piton was in a box of prototypes and old hangers purchased from Ed Leeper and passing through the hands of a few folks before arriving at...


Piton Carrier – Oval

This type of piton carrier was very handy back when a climbers rack of protection consisted of a selection of heavy and oddly shaped pitons. It was designed to be hung around the climbers neck...


Riccardo Cassin Pitons

These pitons were donated to our archives as a complete rack. They represent a fine selection of mid 1970s European hardware adequately covering thin nailing. Cassin also produced “bong” style pitons up to 2...


CMI Crack Tacks

CMI Crack Tacks were postage stamp size pitons available from the mid to late 1960s through the late 1970s. Their basic design was similar to the bigger knife blade style pins from Chouinard but,...