Category: Piton


Wooden Wedges

Wooden wedges have been used by climbers for a long time. Most were home made but many early Sporthuases in Europe carried commercial versions with refinements like beveled edges, grooves for the cordage to...


Early Chouinard Knifeblade Pitons

Early 1960’s Chouinard Knifeblade pitons from the personal rack of Steve Komito the well known Estes Park, Colorado cobbler and climber. Komito has been a steady fixture of Colorado climbing for many years. He often partnered...


Leeper Project

Two interesting pieces from a large collection of Leeper equipment which came up for sale on Mountain Project and eventually sold to a used gear shop in Northern Colorado. Vertical Archaeology acquired these two odd...


Piton Keeper Rings

Piton or “Peg” keeper rings would work really well when a climber needed to carry large arsenals of iron. There are three types in our archives: Troll keeper rings, ASMU keeper rings, and a...


Home Made Hardware

The art of making your own equipment is largely forgotten today. There was once a time when quality climbing gear either wasn’t readily available or didn’t come in the sizes or shapes climbers needed...


Eiger Equipment

A collection of miscellaneous Eiger equipment from the Vertical Archaeology archives. The pitons are standard European soft iron types with the “Eiger” logo stamped on one side of the anvil.


Harvey T. Carter Equipment

Featured in this gallery is the equipment I have collected from my time climbing and exploring with desert legend Harvey T. Carter. I climbed with him hundreds of times in the 1990s and our...