Category: Hardware


Chouinard “ALCOA” Carabiners

Made from the late 1950 until 1968s, this version of the Chouinard “ALCOA” carabiner had “820   ALCOA   7075” on one side of the spine and “Chouinard” on the other. The first versions did...


Chouinard Camalots 1st Generation

Released in 1987, these 1st generation Camalots were a major step forward in cam design. The double axles gave them greater range than a single axle design while keeping the camming angle consistent. Notable...


Clog Bong-Bong Pitons

These Clog Bong pitons are just barely under 3 inches in size. They are early 1970s or perhaps late 1960s examples of Clog piton design.  


Leeper Z-Pitons

Leeper Z-Pitons have incredible holding power. The springy “Z” cross section provided a good bite when used by its self and also make stacking easier and more secure. The sizes shown are: (left to right)...


Forrest Nut Hammer

1974 Forrest Mountaineering “Nut Hammer”. This bare metal version was available first and later a black corrosion treatment, similar to the other Mjollnir hammers, became available. The pick is fixed and the handle is epoxied...


Peck Cracker Chocks

Our Peck Crackers are from approximately 1969/1970. The sizes were as follows: Wired Sizes: A4 6mm diameter chock, wire diameter 2.5 mm., Breaking strength 1,150 lb. Stainless Steel A5 8mm diameter chock, wire diameter 3 mm.,...


Dolt Lopchock #88

A Dolt Lopchock #88 magnesium chock from the shop of the late great Bill “Dolt” Feuerer. Only one size magnesium Lopchock was made and it was marked with “88” to set it a apart...


Chouinard Drilled Hexcentrics

Chouinard factory drilled hexes from 1978. Sizes #7 through #11 were drilled out to save weight when the hexes were still “thick walled”. The next design changed to a “thinner walled” stock and made...


Forrest Pin Bin (1st Generation)

This is the first generation Forrest Pin Bin. The bins had simple tapered gates instead of the later spring-style gate. Some interesting details of the early Forrest Pin Bin include: An adjustable shoulder sling...