Category: Hardware


Homemade Knifeblade Hook

Improvised from a Chouinard Knifeblade piton, this hook works surprisingly well. It holds its shape when loaded and the edge doesn’t deform or curl. I think the hook would work best if it was...


LONGware 3 Inch Bong

LONGware made both steel and aluminum bong pitons. The steel versions were often modified by drilling several holes in the sides of the piton, this would save weight and provide holes for tie-off slings. Our...


Dolt Pulley

Dolt produced this nice little pulley in the 1960s. It has swing sides to allow for loading the rope and a plastic wheel for smooth operation under load. Bill “Dolt” Feuerer gave all of his...


Salewa Griff Fifi Hook

Sometimes known as a handled fifi hook or a jug handle hook, this Salewa design was primarily used when the occasional aid move was required on mostly free ascents. The handle and large open hook...


LONGware Channel Piton

We have two of these LONGware channel style pitons in our collection. This example appears to be in great condition with no rust and only light hammer marks present.  


1987 Chouinard Hammer

Chouinard produced this design in 1987. It featured a heavy hammer head with no notch on the underside of the striking surface and a three bolt system for attaching a long curved alpine pick...


Forrest Mountaineering Pin Bin Development

Bill Forrest started developing the Pin Bin in the late 1960’s. By 1968 he had the basics worked out and applied to patent the concept. As with many pieces of equipment, the patent version...