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B.A.T. Tent

This B.A.T. (Basically Absurd Technology) Tent was designed by Warren Harding for use on some of his pioneering big wall climbs. This model was sold in 1971 and is an interesting step in the design evolution of...


1938 Raffi Bedayan Photo

Raffi Bedayan (Bedayn) 1915-1982 Bedayn was a noted California climber active in the early days of the Sierra Club and as a board member of the American Alpine Club. He was on the first...


LONGware Channel Piton

We have two of these LONGware channel style pitons in our collection. This example appears to be in great condition with no rust and only light hammer marks present.  


Early Sierra Club Rock Climbing Section Guidelines

This interesting piece of history is from Dr. Robert Underhill’s private library. Dr. Underhill was contacted by the Francis Farquhar of the Sierra Club in the early 1930’s to train members in techniques he learned while climbing...


1987 Chouinard Hammer

Chouinard produced this design in 1987. It featured a heavy hammer head with no notch on the underside of the striking surface and a three bolt system for attaching a long curved alpine pick...