1980 Au Vieux Campeur Catalog – Climbing Selection

Au Vieux Campeur is a French sporting equipment supplier which has offered high quality equipment for over seventy-six years. This catalog offers a great snapshot of mainly european equipment available in 1980 and includes some interesting items from a transitional year in equipment development. Climbers could order pitons and hammers for iron age pounding or go for the new active camming protection and the latest tight fitting rock shoes. Whatever your focus or choice you could find detailed descriptions and clear photos to help you order.

1980 was the first year “Friends” ridged stem camming units were commercially available. They are shown in three original sizes (#1, #2, #3) roughly corresponding to their size in inches.

Many interesting hammers were offered. A hammer could be had for any type of climbing from hard aid to icy alpine sufferfests. This selection is mainly from Camp/InterAlp.

Passive nut design was undergoing a bit of a renaissance. Hexes and similar types of larger passive pro were now expected to have some camming ablitity or at least offset sides allowing greater range of placements. SMC was offering “Camlocks” camming nuts in 10 sizes (7 shown in here) the first 3 small sizes were wired and the rest were slung on cord.

The Pierre Allain Décrocheur was still commercially available in 1980.

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