Bong Piton from the Dunn-Westbay Route on Longs Peak

This Chouinard 3 inch bong piton was found on a great route on Longs Peak in the 1994. The piton must have been wailed on…it’s cracked on one side just forward of the eye.

The story as sent to us by Jeff Selvig the climber who cleaned it:

“Chad McMullen and I climbed the Dunn/Westbay route on The Diamond in August of 1994. The bong came from the pitch that started on table ledge and the bong was pulled above table ledge. On either the pitch that crossed table ledge or on a pitch above that.
As I think about it, I led the pitch that crossed table ledge so it must have not been that pitch because I cleaned the bong so probably it was the following pitch above that.
The climb was really good, it was straight forward with zero route finding needs. I had a persistent and unrelenting headache the entire time. We slept on portaledges and I dreamed that a team of climbers were rappelling down to deliver Tylenol to me. I had the fly on because that side of the face was dripping wet and I actually came out from under the fly looking for the headlamps of the “relief team”.



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