1938 Raffi Bedayan Photo

Raffi Bedayan (Bedayn) 1915-1982

Bedayn was a noted California climber active in the early days of the Sierra Club and as a board member of the American Alpine Club. He was on the first ascent of Shiprock in New Mexico and Snowpatch spire in the Bugaboos of Canada as well as many other ascents. He served as a climbing instructor for mountain troops at Seneca Rock, West Virginia during world war two and it was there that he began developing his oval carabineer design soon to become commercially available after the war.

Bedayn was dedicated to the idea of service to the climbing community. He served as a partner, mentor, and leader in the climbing community through the golden age of Yosemite climbing and into the modern era. This photo shows him exploring the Sierras as a young man of 23.

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