1987 Chouinard Hammer

Chouinard produced this design in 1987. It featured a heavy hammer head with no notch on the underside of the striking surface and a three bolt system for attaching a long curved alpine pick or a stubby crag pick. The handle was made of a light-weight plastic composite and came in two sizes, 12 inches and 13.5 inches.

Our hammer is the longer 13.5 inch “alpine” model and has the curved alpine pick attached.

One interesting thing to note about the example in our archives is the small gap between the head of the hammer and the collar of the handle. The hammer still feels solid and the head is firmly attached but it is noticeable that the head isn’t well mated to the handle.  I have observed this in a few other examples of the 1987 hammer. I am not sure if this is a production fitment issue or a result of the handle stretching a bit from use.

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