Omega-Pacific Link Cam #2 Prototype

Produced in 2004, this #2 Link Cam is a prototype of the currently available units. Sizes 1 and 2 were released in 2005 and size .5 and .75 were released in 2008.

Omega Pacific has developed an interesting idea with the Link Cam design. By using a cam lobe that unwinds in hinged stages they offer a dramatic size range in a small package while only slightly increasing the overall weight of the unit. I see Link Cams as the modern incarnation of similar concepts like the Laparde Coinceur Gigogne or other variable geometry protection systems. These cams are versatile and can be handy when heading into the unknown where multiple sized cracks might present themselves.

Our #2 Link Cam prototype is one of 7 produced for testing of various features. Most of these units were destroyed after serving their testing purposes, #6 is in the possession of Omega Pacific, and Vertical Archaeology has #7. The Patent shows several other design differences such as a different axle bolt, different trigger design, and a slightly different sling attachment loop.

Special thanks go to Omega Pacific representatives for their assistance researching this item.

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