Vasque Kletter Shoe

Vasque Boots started business using the name Voyageur from 1965 to 1971 and Vasque from 1972 on. They have remained a leading name in outdoor footwear known for quality and craftsmanship. These Kronhofer Kletterschuhe copies were very nicely done. They feature a MARWA style “Innsbrucker Kletter” sole and a soft grey leather construction. Pictured above is a version of this shoe from approximately 1968 and can be identified by:

  •  The sole design. The type of sole changed several times from the mid-1960s when this boot was first introduced until end of production in approximately 1974. The original rubber and cleat design looked almost identical to the Kronhofer Kletterschuhe imported from Austria. Our version is the second, and most common, generation with the Innsbrucker sole. The last two years used a Vibram kletter sole identified by one solid climbing-lug under the inside toe edge of the boot.
  • The lack of a toe cap. A second layer of leather was added to the toe for the last two years of production to increase the longevity of the boot.
  • The white leather midsole strip between the rubber sole and the boot upper. Pre-1970 versions of this boot had a bright white colored strip which really stood out. Later versions were more muted.

The Vasque logo is pressed into the leather on the upper exterior of the boots. No other prominent markings are present other than the size and style number embossed on the internal leather cuff and a “made in Italy” marking.

The reason Vertical Archaeology is offering this much detail on these boots is to aid in identification. There are several Kronhofer copies that were imported into the United States in the 1960s and early 1970s and some of the copies were quite good. Miss-identification is common and we hope this helps cast some light on the situation.

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  1. Tom Fremont says:

    See these or perhaps originals in ” The Eiger Sanction “. Unmistakable!

    • Curator says:

      Yes, Clint climbs in a pair of similar boots. I’m not sure if they are kronhoffers or Vasque or maybe even Pivettas. Maybe I’ll get the DVD out and take a closer look.

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