1950 & 1952 Military Issue Piton Hammers

U.S. military piton hammers were originally designed during world war two for use by the famed 10th Mountain Division. They are very similar in size and shape to European hammers of the same time period.

The two hammers shown here are standard early 1950 and 1952 issue.

Many manufacturers produced equipment for the military. Penn Tools, Ames Manufacturing Group, Osbourne Coinage, and others were contacted to provide batches of equipment for distribution through the supply chains of all of the armed forces. Records documenting who supplied what and when they supplied it are surprisingly spotty. You would think the military supply chain would have great records and receipts for major purchases but they don’t. Many of the companies involved also have incomplete records or have yet to digitize their older invoices and purchase orders.

Included in our photos are a 1952 issue aluminum oval from Osborne Coinage and a standard issue steel oval for a size reference.


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