Leeper Project

Two interesting pieces from a large collection of Leeper equipment which came up for sale on Mountain Project and eventually sold to a used gear shop in Northern Colorado. Vertical Archaeology acquired these two odd shaped items along with several more finished piton prototypes.

At first I thought they might simply be leftover stock cut off of a large angle piton but on closer inspection I’m convinced they are not. For one thing, there are two of them cut and finished exactly the same. Secondly, the angles and drilled holes seem too deliberate to have just been added to a discarded piece of stock.

The example pictured above is slung with 1/2 inch tie off webbing but I would suspect any finished piece would be cabled for maximum strength.

If anyone reading this post can offer any further information or would like to guess how this would be used, please email the curator or comment on the post directly.

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