C.M.I. Catalog (1988)

C.M.I. published this catalog in 1988 showcasing their product line. New for that season were the RoKJoX “cammable nut” as its called in the catalog copy. RoKJoX were an interesting idea and worked well in certain situations but their biggest drawback was changing position or “walking” due to rope movement from the leader. RoKJoX had a narrow head design which allowed them to be used in shallow placements but that’s also what made them prone to shifting.

Also of note in this catalog, check out the great 80’s era climbing tights on the harness models! No serious climber went without their favorite tights. I was as guilty as anybody else for a while there.

Included with this catalog is a C.M.I. advertising banner featuring Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. The banner and a great Bobbi Bensman poster are on the last page.


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