38th Regimental Combat Team Training Day Program

This is a very interesting piece of military climbing history. The 38th R.C.T. (Regimental Combat Team) published a simple program to introduce and outline a demonstration of their basic mountain skills training. The text has some interesting references like “Shangri-la” and the observation that well trained Army climbers might very well become “world Famous”. Indeed, many well know climbers of the 40s, 50s, and 60s did get their start (or additional training) in the military. Raffi Bedayn, Harvey T. Carter, The Stettner brothers, Paul Petzoldt, David Brower, and many others served as trainers, soldiers, and technical advisors.
The 38th RCT was sent to Camp Carson, Colorado (now Fort Carson) in 1946 for mountain and winter training. They were there until late in 1948 and were sent to Korea in 1950. This program dates to approximately 1947.

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