1965 Recreational Equipment Incorporated Catalog (selected pages)

In 1965 Recreational Equipment Incorporated had two Seattle locations and was still very much a specialty climbing retailer. Now, there are over one hundred locations across the United States from Manhattan to Seattle. While REI has moved on from their original climbing focus, there was a time when they were the “go to” retailer for many serious climbers.
Today you can still get almost anything you need from REI but you might have to special order the more obscure or price items on your shopping list.
This catalog is offered as an interesting snapshot of the history of climbing equipment. Most of the items available in 1965 are still available today in a readily recognizable form. The prices have definitely changed!

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  1. June 17, 2015

    […] pulley has no manufacturers stamp. The example found in the 1965 Recreational Equipment Inc. catalog is also free of any markings and matches in all other measurements listed. The pulley has a 3/8 […]

  2. June 13, 2016

    […] I hope people find it as interesting as I have.  Starting things off is this selection from the 1965 REI catalog. This is the first in what may become a re-occurring feature on our […]

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