Nailed Boots

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5 Responses

  1. Kevin O'Hanlon says:

    Hi, just found your website and really enjoyed it. I thank you for posting

    • Curator says:

      Thank You! Its a labor of love…
      I see your email has “Salida” in it. Is that Salida, Colorado? I lived there for years working as a guide and kicking around the rivers and mountains.

      • Kevin O'Hanlon says:

        thanks for your reply. Yes I live in Salida. I grew up around the mountains here in Colorado. I met and knew many of the “old school” climbers. For me this too is a labor of love. Let me know if can be of any help. Kevin

      • Kevin O'Hanlon says:

        HELLO, just found your email and wanted to reply. Yes I live in Salida, Co.and still love the same things you do. The piton research I do is purely a labor of love. I have some pitons my dad bought for me when I was about 10 years old. Old Chalet Moser, Stubai and Cassin. I have many more cleaned from climbs in the 60s when that was an accepted practice to clean routes. Kind Regards, Kevin

        • Curator says:

          Thanks again for the feedback Kevin! I bet you have some interesting stuff from climbs in the area. Great history around that part of Colorado.
          I miss Salida, I’ll be back this summer for a while. Say hi to Nate at Salida mountain sports for me, we’re old friends.

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