Chouinard Yosemite Hammer – 1971

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  1. Rob Hooper says:

    I have some pictures of some of my old hardware I can scan if you’d like them for the library. I had a whole slew of gear from the 70’s I gave to a friend in Memphis once he became a Cert. Mtn Guide. I could see if he could take some additional pictures of some the old gear. This is a great site and many thanks for creating it. Many memories of this older gear that worked! I sent a box of hard gear to Gary Neptune’s museum in Boulder a few years ago. Still have my Ultimate climbing helmet–can send pictures of it. Developed a unique reflective tape pattern that one can tell head movement (yes/no nods) from all four sides–made the pattern after spending time in caves and SAR work.

    • Curator says:

      Thanks Rob! We are always interested in older gear and the stories behind it. That’s a cool idea using reflective tape that way. We had a similar system in use when I was ground guiding helicopters way back in the early 90s. Limited visibility or lack of direct communication always had its challenges.

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