4-Season Forrest Mountaineering Wall Womb


From the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering Catalog:
Forrest 4-Season Wall Womb Single Anchor Hammock
The Forrest Wall Womb has become a standard in the wall climbing community. The functional design of our single anchor system makes this hammock extremely easy to set up, and it provides a comfortable and adaptable bivouac site even in the most vertical of environments.
Made of breathable 8 oz. nylon, the Wall Womb features fully adjustable shoulder support lines. These lines are spread apart by an expanding pole which reduces compression at the shoulders. The Wall Womb comes with a stuff sack, and an expander pole*

*This model didn’t seem to come with an expander pole to spread the shoulder straps. Either Forrest didn’t supply one for this version or it was missing when originally purchased.

This hammock has an interesting zipper closure creating a protective bivy sack with a clean “deck” fully enclosing the climbers sleeping bag. It seems very snug and comfortable.

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