Forrest Mountaineering Rabbit Runners

Bill Forrest would often include a list titled “Forrest Firsts” in his catalogs. His list of innovations and new products is impressive even today. In 1976 he listed “Rabbit Runner – First runner with end loops” as a notable achievement for that year.

From the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering catalog:

Quick Draw Rabbit Runner

The quick-draw concept allows the Rabbit to be used as either a continuous loop or a double length runner. Quick-Draws are made of one inch tubular nylon web with a three and a half inch loop sewn in each end. You need not remove them over your head; simply un-clip one end and pull the carabiner. They don’t get tangled, so you save time.

Weight: 1.5 oz.

Sizes: XS (24in.), S (37in.), M (42in.), L (47in.)

Cat. #A2033           $6.10

Bunny Runners

A shorter version of our well-known Quick Draw Rabbit Runners.

Weight: 1 oz.

Length: 11.5 in.

Cat. #A2034            $4.85

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