Forrest Mjollnir Hammer System

From the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering Catalog:

The Mjollnir Hammer, the first hammer ever designed with interchangeable picks, has the distinction of having been selected for exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute. The interchangeable pick concept was developed by Forrest in 1974. Since then, Mjollnirs have become the favorite among climbers as an all-around snow-ice-rock climbing tool. The Mjollnir (named for the hammer used by Thor, the Norse God of Thunder) gives the climber, in a single tool, the choice of using a curved, drooped, or nut pick. No matter which pick is used, the Mjollnir always maintains it’s excellent balance.

Forrest originally developed the interchangeable pick concept to produce hammer picks that would not break. Heat treating the thick chrome-molybdenum head and the picks separately solved the pick reliability problem, and also resulted in a versatile tool uniquely adjustable to varying alpine conditions. The  Mjollnir is now standard equipment on climbs ranging from local ice falls to Himalayan expeditions.

The Mjollnir comes with either a straight or a hatchet handle made of solid fiberglass, wich is unequalled for shock absorption and durability. We recommend the straight handle for use where many pitons will be driven, and the hatchet handle when the Mjollnir will be used mostly for ice climbing. Five Mjollnir picks are available.

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