Forrest Wall Womb Single Point Hammock

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The following is from the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering catalog. The exact wording is offered for historic documentation only:

Forrest Wall Womb

Wall Womb Single Anchor Hammock

The Forrest Wall Womb has become a standard in the wall climbing community. The functional design of our single anchor system makes this hammock extremely easy to set up, and it provides a comfortable and adaptable bivouac site even in the most vertical of environments.
Made of breathable 8 oz. nylon, the Wall Womb features fully adjustable shoulder support lines. These lines are spread apart by an expanding pole which reduces compression at the shoulders. The Wall Womb comes with a stuff sack, and an expander pole.

Weight: 28 oz.
Length: 6 ft., 10 in.
Cat. #A7011

Wall Womb Rain Fly

The rain fly provides a roomy roof for your hanging hotel. The rain fly is lightweight, waterproof, and easy to use. It has a draw cord closure that snugs the fly tightly around the base of the hammock and neatly seals your cocoon.

Weight: 20 oz.
Cat. #A7012

Text from the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering catalog (page 10)

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