Hard Step Etrier

3 Step Hard Rung Etrier

3 Step Hard Rung Etrier

Commonly called Stirrups, ladders, aid slings, steps… The word “etrier” (A-tree-A) is French for “stirrup” and reflects the origin of the concept. Etriers have evolved now to feature more steps, all webbing construction, and “hero” loops at the clip in point to allow maximum reach above your placement. Efficient aid climbing is an art form requiring time and thought to master. Once a climber is confident, amazingly rapid progress can be made on even the most delicate aid pitches. Aid climbing slings allow a climber to stand with their full weight on a placement and climb up the ladder rungs to gain height or gain another placement opportunity. This item is probably a commercially produced set but there are no markings to indicate the origin. The cordage is standard 6mm nylon probably dating from the late 1970’s. The rungs have rolled edges and the cord holes have been flared and rolled to create a smooth surface that will not damage the material used to sling them.

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